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1. Tyler Posey.

2. Dylan O’Brien’s Humor.

3. Derek Hale.

4. Dylan O’Brien.

5. Tyler Posey’s Smile

6. The Cast

7. Allison’s Hair

8. Ian Bohen

9. How they all have dimples.

10. The attractive guys.

11. Isaac.

12. Derek’s Muscles.

13. Jackson Whittemore Shirtless.

14. How well the cast gets along.

15. Allison and Scott’s love.

16. Derek / Stiles scenes.

17. Stiles: “Am I not attractive to gay guys?!”

18. Allison: “Think about me.. Naked.”

19. Stiles: “God, do either of you even play baseball!?”

20. The way Stiles says “Oh My God!”

21. Stiles: “He’s starting to smell…” Scott: “Like what?..” Stiles: “Death!”

22. Stiles’ relationship with his dad.

23. Drunk Stiles.

24. Derek’s eyes… When they’re blue.

25. Derek: “Do you wanna do homework? Or you do you wanna not die?”

26. Derek: “You faint at the sight of blood?!” Stiles: “No, but I might at the sight of a chopped off arm!?”

27. Allison Argent.

28. The Shirtless Guys.

29. Coach “Cupcake”.

30. Stiles’ One-Liners.

31. The Claws.

32. The Lizard Monster.

33. When Derek howls.

34. Derek: “Start the car, or I’m gonna rip your throat out.. With my teeth.”

35. Tyler Hoechlin

36. How Stiles is always Robin and never Batman.

37. The week long confusion before the next episode.

38. Scott’s relationship with his mom.

39. How protective Scott is over Allison.

40. How the first time you see Stiles, he’s wearing a Beatles shirt.

41. How defensive Stiles is over his jeep.

42. Scott’s shower scenes.

43. Aunt Kate’s sexual frustration.

44. Derek Hale’s smile.

45. Stiles making first string in Lacrosse.

46. Derek’s Camaro.

47. Lydia / Jackson.

48. Hating Erica.. but love how well she is played.

49. The Cookbook.

50. Stiles: “It’s Biles.. Call me Biles or I swear to God I’ll kill you!”

51. Stiles Saving Derek.

52. Stiles treating Scott like a dog during the first full moon.

53. Stiles being a messenger for Scott and Allison.

54. When Allison first sees Derek underground where Aunt Kate had him locked up.

55. Derek, BEFORE he was the alpha.

56. Allison and Scott’s photobooth pictures.

57. Lydia friend-zoning Stiles.

58. How Scott can’t ice skate.

59. Lydia Martin / Holland Roden.

60. Jackson and Danny giggling to themselves everytime Scott and/or Stiles get in trouble.

61. Finally seeing a little bit of Stiles’ stomach.

62. Derek being sweet.

63. Wanting to know who the vet REALLY is.

64. Stiles’ reaction when his dad said they would have to impound his jeep.. And how Stiles was just worried about it being washed.

65. How frightened you were when Gerard stabbed Scott.

66. Boyd being a werewolf.

67. Stiles in plaid.

68. Derek being protective over Stiles.

69. Stiles having to constantly lie to his Dad, and hating it.

70. The music.

71. Stiles’ smile.

72. Stiles’ witty shirts.

73. The way Scott looks at Allison.

74. Scott’s Style.

75. When Jackson sheds a tear overhearing Scott, Allison, and Stiles talk about him.

76. How cocky Stiles gets when Derek’s fate is in his hands.

77. Stiles being a straight A student.

78. Jeff Davis! The executive producer and writer! <3

79. Scott’s crooked jaw line.

80. How Stiles always has his mouth open.

81. How big of a bitch Allison’s mom is.

82. The Lydia / Scott kiss.

83. Actually looking forward to Mondays!

84. Wolf’s Bane.

85. Asthmatic Scott.

86. Jackson’s Eyebrows.

87. The mysterious blue-eyed boy (Junior).

88. How Danny smells liek Armani.

89. Scott in nothing but a towel.

90. When the subject of Stiles’ mom comes up.

91. Melissa McCall (Scott’s Mom).

92. Isaac’s Smile.

93. Lydia keeping Jackson’s key around her neck.

94. Screaming at the TV when something goes wrong in the show.

95. Peter Hale’s random facts about history.

96. Stiles’ snowboarder posted on his bedroom wall.

97. When Stiles was reading a Menstrual Cycle packet.

98. Scott and Allison’s relationship.

99. The Hale house before it burnt.

100. Erica: “Stiles, you make a good Batman.”

101. How Scott and Stiles always ahve Lacrosse sticks in their backpacks.

102. Jackson’s neck scabs.

103. How at Beacon Hills you can have cell phones out, and also randomly leave class.. And not get in trouble.

104. Jackson biting into the apple.

105. When Lydia freaks out before Jackson dumps her.

106. When Stiles hugs his Dad.

107. Derek Hale’s tattoo.

108. Derek: “Stiles, This.. NO FIT.”

109. When Derek slams Stiles’ head into the steering wheel.

110. Derek’s leather jacket.

111. Danny: “Who’s that?” Stiles: “My cousin… Miguel.”

112. Lydia taking pictures of herself.

113. The solution to everything is to go in the locker room and shower.

114. Knowing something will happen during a full moon, but always being curious as to what.

115. Stiles’ jeep.

116. Stiles punching Jackson.

117. Isaac when he was scratching the lockers, chewing his gum.

118. Jackson naked in the shower.

119. Scott and Jackson’s fight.

120. Young Peter Hale.

121. The online gaming community that batteles mythical creatures.

122. Stiles’ facial expressions.

123. The little spark between Stiles and Erica.

124. Allison’s mom scares me more than the Kanima and Peter combined.

125. Lydia’s hair.

126. Stiles: “That’s right, if you wanna play Catwoman, I’ll be your Batman.”

127. Wondering how Stiles is still single.

128. When Erica admitted she used to have a crush on Stiles.

129. How we have NO idea what Sheriff Stilinski’s first name is..

130. Dr. Deaton being protective of the kids and being their mentor.

131. The pack working together.

132. Derek’s face when Scott said he’d work with him.

133. Isaac’s subtle British accent.

134. Melissa: “No Stiles.” Stiles: “WHAT, No Stiles?!”

135. When Derek talks in 3rd person.

136. Stiles’ face when his dad told him that he lost his job.

137. Wanting Allison’s bitch of a mom dead more than ever when she tried to kill Scott.

138. Sterek moments.

139. Having tears in your eyes when Sheriff Stilinski said he got fired.

140. When Scott jumps over the lockers and kicked Jackson.

141. Jackson: “I have a restraining order!”

142. When Derek tells Scott that he’s the Alpha in his own pack.

143. Derek’s abs and back muscles.

144. Finally learning the meaning of Derek’s tattoo.

145. How in every close up of Stiles.. his mouth is always open slightly.

146. Wanting to smash Lydia’s head with a crowbar when Peter had control of her body.

147. When Allison’s mom (finally) died.

148. When Scott’s mom found one condom in a box of twelve.

149. When Stiles gets excited because he finished the trail to trap the Kanima.

150. Secretly wishing Jackson and Allison would end up having sex.

151. Wondering what was going on when Allison’s “twin” showed up.

152. Derek’s ass.

153. Stiles: “Isn’t it obvious?! Our Swim Team SUCKS!”

154. The way Jackson tilts his head when he’s the Kanima.

155. Sterek

156. The look on Melissa McCall’s face when she found out her son was a werewolf.

157. Stiles: “What? C’mon Scott.. I’m 147 pounds of PALE skin and fragile bone, sarcasm is the only defense I have.”

158. Coach Bobby Finstock

159. The way Stiles looks at Lydia.

160. When Stiles falls on Derek and says “Bitch” all squealy.

161. Allison crying at the hospital.

162. Wondering if Scott and Stiles are going to tell Stiles’ dad about everything.

163. How Lydia still has feelings for Jackson.

164. How Scott still keeps his inhaler in his book bag.

165. Lydia’s dog named Prada.

166. When Allison holds Scott’s hand to slow down his heart rate.

167. Stiles’ sparkling caramel brown eyes.

168. When Sheriff Stilinski said he trusts Scott, but not his son.

169. Jackson’s sassy finger swag.

170. Derek’s face when Matt said him and Stiles make a good pair.

171. Matt: “It must kind of suck though.. to have all that power taken away from you with just a little cut to the back of the neck.. I bet you’re not used to feeling this helpless..” Derek: “Still got some teeth, Why dontcha come here a little closer huh!? We’ll see how helpless I am.” Stiles: “Yeah, bitch!”

172. When Allison tells Scott to stay away from here.

173. When Matt yells at Allison that if he can’t have her no one can.

174. When Allison and Scott were cuddling in the police car.

175. When Stiles was holding up Derek in the pool.

176. How angry Scott got when he “saw” Allison and the Kanima kissing.

177. Peter’s face when he said Lydia was immune.

178. The whole fandom wondering where the hell Stiles went!

179. Losing ALL respect for Allison.

180. When Isaac helped the dog at the Vet.

181. When Isaac realized what good he could do with his gift.

182. Isaac’s smile.

183. Danny: “You okay, dude?” Jackson: “I’m perfect.” Danny: “Well, we all know that, but are you okay?”

184. When Isaac showed up at the game.

185. How Lydia and Stiles finally had a cute moment.

186. That Peter actually believes in Human Love.

187. How Sheriff Stilinski still wears his wedding ring.

188. Understanding Allisons actions.. but still not liking them.

189. When they all found out that Lydia wasn’t the Kanima.

190. When Coach gave the Independence Day speech.

191. The way Stiles’ Dad stood up when he finally went to the game to show how proud he was.

192. The way Erica and Boyd stick together.

193. The way Stiles got super excited after he scored his first goal.

194. The way the camera showed how happy Lydia was when Stiles scored his goals.

195. How Scott is so damn sexy..

196. How Allison has turned into Kate.

197. How attractive Peter is in Season 2.

198. How your heart breaks when Stiles hallucinates about his Dad and he tears up.

199. Falling in love with Stiles more each episode.

200. When coach told Scott he needed him on the team.

201. When Scott uses his werewolf senses against Stiles.

202. When Scott made his mom zip the bodybag.

203. Stydia moments.

204. Wanting to kiss Stiles after he was beaten.

205. The Father/Son talk between Stiles and his Dad.

206. Starting to love Peter Hale.

207. The love Lydia has for Jackson.

208. When Scott and Allison held hands in the finale.

209. Allison: “There’s no such thing as fate..” Scott: “There’s no such thing as werewolves.”

210. Not being able to wait until Season 3!

211. Stiles and Lydia holding hands while Ice Skating.

212. Stiles’ All Time Low poster in his room.

213. Stiles’ longer hair.

214. Everybody looking older / grown up

215. The gaze between Scott and Allison

216. The Kanima Tattoo

217. Scott’s Computer Background.

218. How Stiles is the only one to immediately think PSAT’s when Scott uses his word of the day.

219. Dylan O’Brien’s smile.

220. When Papa Stilinski hugged Stiles after he realized how beaten he was.

221. Daniel Sharman’s Face.

222. Tyler Posey’s Pecs.

223. Derek Hale’s back muscles.

224. Stiles fainting when Scott is getting the tattoo.

225. When Scott and Allison are on the roof under the moon.

226. Isaac angst in the first episode of Season 3.

227. Wondering who or what killed Heather.

228. How Dr. Deaton isn’t afraid of Peter.

229. The way Dylan O’Brien walks from his jeep in the dark in the opening.

230. Derek punching Stiles’ hand.

231. Kali’s Nails.

232. Lydia finding the body.

233. Chris helping Scott and Derek.

234. Isaac’s scarf.